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Herbal Tincture Making Made Easy

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Our DIY herbal tincture kits have everything you need to make your own tinctures from dried herbs to support your healthy lifestyle.
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Our DIY Herbal Tincture Kits...

Are Super Simple

No need to search for recipes and purchase individual herbs and supplies. Everything you need to learn how to make tinctures (except liquids) is in one handy kit.  We’ll even send easy to follow instructions to guide you through the process!

Save Money

Learning how to make your own tinctures and salves with our kits is usually about ¼ the cost of buying commercially prepared ones.

Are Effective

Our tincture and salve recipes come from well respected herbalists, so you learn how to make tinctures from sources you can trust.  The formulas are proven and effective.

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Featured Herbal Tincture Kit

DIY Elderberry and Echinacea Tincture Kit

Gear up for the winter bugs with the powerful benefits of elderberry and echinacea combined in one tincture!

"These kits are so quick and easy"

"I am thrilled to have these herbal kits at my fingertips!  I enjoy working with medicinal plants and these kits are so quick and easy. The elderberry immune kit is a great favorite at first sign of immunity breakdown.  It definitely makes a difference! 

Herbs are a healing gift from our Creator God.  Try them!"

Mrs. G. from Delaware

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